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The Media is really getting out of hand and the Left

posted Jan 11, 2011 05:09:29 by sheebe
First of all, it doesn't matter what Race or Religion and Political Party a person is in. There are crackpots in every category and then some. I thought Gifford had some great stands on some issues, and she did vote yes on Health Care but I don't live in AZ. I live in CA. which is another story. The man was a sick O and would have done it somewhere else if he didn't that day on a Saturday. Guns don't kill people the person or people kill and that isn't going to get any better, since violence is getting higher. I believe in my right to bear arms and I am a level headed person and wouldn't produce a weapon unless I am going to shoot. That will be it. So now instead of taking care of some important issues they are coming up with a new Law banning Crazies from buying guns. Are they kidding? Then a Gun bill from a Liberal McCarthy, I don't think Gifford would want anyone to do because she did have some good to her and I liked her but was mad at all the Reps that voted Yes on O Care. But I didn't write crazy letters or kill either and never would think like that. This tragedy will weigh heavy on a lot of people and why wouldn't it? It was wrong, horrible senseless act from a person that is a real cracked nut
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GeorgePaulStupas said Jan 11, 2011 11:16:57
The whole thing is tragic. The left pointing fingers at the right to advance their agenda is infuriating.
Nice site
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sheebe said Jan 11, 2011 16:32:46
George Welcome! The Media has been pointing fingers for years.
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