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Congratulations to Sheila!!!

posted Jan 12, 2011 08:37:12 by Patriot Conservative -Vet
Greetings and Congratulations to you for being bold and starting a site that won't have "Freedom of Speech" restricted, monitored, or controlled. I could not believe what is going on with all the people trying to control what is being said on Patriots site and by who. Who gave them their badges telling them they were messengers of God. In my books there is only one God and he is the Almighty, who created everything we have and will have, the one who lived, died and rose for our sins, and opened the gates of heaven after man's original sin in the Garden of Eden.
I am so glad that you did this and I will spread the word on the Patriot network. That way people can have a choice of where they want to be. All the best in this adventure and I am really happy to be in your circle of friends.
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sheebe said Jan 12, 2011 18:14:36
Welcome Patriot Conservative-Vet!

That is what left a dis taste in my mind that there is only one God and I have found that when People say they are on a Mission for God burns my hide. They usually are not true Christians and God didn't try to control People's minds. I had to do this so we can be open and not be thrown off a site for speaking our minds. Hope to see you soon. God Bless.

BTW I do believe in God.

William said Jan 13, 2011 00:17:03
Hi Art,
nice to have a site where there will be no big brother or any one else telling what we can say or not say. especially with their pc bullshit. i to go to a few patriot sites. some you do have to becareful what you say. nice to meet you.
got booted out of one because i and an administator and i disagreed. said i went passed pc. was in a chatroom. when i left a few went with me. their choice. got an emailnext day asking me back. i answered and said no fucking way was i coming back.
William said Jan 13, 2011 00:19:24
Hi Sheila,
yes congrats on your site. as i said up above is great to have a place to go and not worry about being told what i can or can not say.
sheebe said Jan 13, 2011 01:55:05
Hello Art and Welcome! I to wondered to many sites and The CA. Patriot Network was the last straw. So I had to do something so people can meet and say what is on their minds and not worry about a certain word that is offensive. Some claim they are Conservatives but they are far from it. So hopefully this site will grow. Had Physical Therapy today and in more pain than I want to admit. Going to go lay down for a while.
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