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The Food Room!

posted Jan 12, 2011 07:40:14 by sheebe
This is a tasty Italian dish with no name or measurements.
Get a pan of water going for Penn Pasta
Cut Shallots and Fresh Garlic - Take Olive oil and pour around the pan. ( I go around 4 times).
Saute the Garlic and Shallots for five minutes don't let it get brown
Take Vodka and pour around the pan, I do it about 6 or 8 times and simmer for five minutes
One can of crushed tomatoes, Simmer for 5 minutes
Pour Cream or Half n Half around the pan to your preference simmer five minutes
By this time your water and Pasta should be done and drain. I usually rinse before I remove from strainer
Top the sauce with fresh Basil and serve

This dish is so yummy people go nuts over it. Goes great with Romaine lettuce with artichoke and other goodies
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