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What Will Happen To America? Where is the nation Headed with all the Violence?

posted Jan 12, 2011 08:48:02 by Patriot Conservative -Vet
I find it astonishing that the MSM (Main Stream Media) folks constantly want to blame everything on the Conservative Ground Swell in this nation of late due to the radical left, ignoring the people entirely and going forward with their own plans.
I am even more apaulled that the citizens of this nation are not yet fully awake to the REAL and potentially dangerous and onerous THREATS that are waiting in the wings, ready to rear their uglyiness and the drop of a hat. I fear for our country as a nation if we don't change direction immediately.
I encourage you to go to Google, and put this in the search block, "America Derailed, Can We Recover". Then look for the article in the Gold Coast Chronicle, this is something I did back in August of last year. It is my plan for bringing America back to sanity.
Today, no one respects the rights, freedoms, and liberties that each of us have guaranteed by the Declaration of Independence and the The Constitution. The left refuses to recognize the VALUE of the Founding Documents of this nation. America was founded by people of noble virtue, divine guidance, strong character, with the will to survive. Show me this in America today, I don't seem to find the kind of pride in country that was prevalent when the nation was young. It is most distressing that those in power can't see or recognize what they have done to this nation as WRONG, and AGAINST all pricipals of VALUE, MORALS, ETHICS, and RELGION. The nation is in DEEP TROUBLE, and we all as AMERICANS need to be concerned where the Progressive Politically Correct Liberals are taking us. The course of this nation must change and we must steer ourselves into a more human characteristic of patience, understanding, compassion, gentleness, respect, and praising the lord for what he has provided us or we as a nation are going to die.
It is so sad, to observe the attitudes, the disrespect, and the lawlessness that prevails today. What is going to happen in the future will be determined by what action is taken NOW to make the course correction that is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for the children of this nation to have a future.
It is time for REAL soul searching and repentance for drifting away from our core values, and principles past on from the founding fathers of this country. We all must take responsibility for ourselves and not depend on the Government to take care of us. We must return to the Constitution and make Government as it was intended and nothing more. People in this country need to stop thinking the Government is capable of all things. It is not!! We have to do things for ourselves and if we can't we should be able to rely on the help we need from our neighbors, relatives, and other persons we know. That is the way this country operated in the years past and it is time to return to that period once again.
I pray for the country when I attend Mass on Sundays each and every week. I know that Ronald Reagan is tossing in his grave, along with all those brave men who gave us our nation. The question is are we going to SAVE AMERICA, or DESTROY AMERICA! The fate of this nation lies in the hands of it's citizens. I pray they make the right decision.



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Dilligaff said Jan 14, 2011 04:48:00
I admire your optimism, but america has already been destroyed. The question is do we have the fortitude and courage to rebuild it? Are we willing to put in the years to get it back, and it will take years. Most likely, we'll be thrown a bone, curl up in our secure little corner and be grateful for what we perceive as freedom.
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