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sheebe said Jan 15, 2011 07:21:32
I cannot believe how ignorant this woman is, and I bet she has small plans. We need our borders protected with National Guard and Military as well. Now the Military is thinking about sending women on the front lines, which to me that is pretty crazy. This war is not getting us anywhere and we been there long enough only to let these thugs and crooked corrupt Leaders to spit in our face. Bring our Military home and worry about our country for a change. Where are they getting all of these billions of dollars to give to other countries? I thought we were in a financial crisis? Our food, gas, clothing everything that we buy is sky rocketing and yet they give to other countries that we have given them billions before and where is it? Try buying jeans that last not even a year, I thought Kohl’s was suppose to be a great store but I have bought jeans there and they started falling apart. Some were made in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Mexico, China and the clothes are crap. Then we can’t drill our own oil when we have more than other countries and the prices are getting out of hand but we don’t here the Idiot in Chief say a darn word even though it takes gas to get to work. Cramming the electric car’s down our throat and killing farms so we can have crap in our gasoline, and their stupid windmills for energy. And now Fat Sis is calling off the virtual fence. Why not if we don’t let the illegal’s keep sneaking in our country the Nazi’s won’t get elected then mean while our State CA. is looking like Mexico as they leave their stench.
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