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Does Obama have a plan for not bringing our Soldiers home? What do you think?

posted Jan 30, 2011 04:51:20 by sheebe
I often wonder why Obama didn’t keep his promise and bring our Soldiers back home. That is what he told his fools that he would do that. Could it be that he wanted to destroy our country as fast as he could and didn’t want a lot of Military back home? It makes sense because I believe that the Military wouldn’t hurt the American People. You notice that a lot of Soldiers are not saying much in the Middle East but you can bet most of them don’t like it. Obama has spit on our Military Men and Women that are there to fight for our freedom. Little do they know that we have to fight for our freedom every single day. Patriot’s across from the US are communicating and sharing information that they find and most is accurate information. In Mexico the drug smugglers made a catapult to get the drugs over the border fence. They will stoop to nothing and act like they live in the Flintstone era. Then a book was found from Iran on the American side of the border and praised suicide bombers. A man was found hiding in the trunk of a BMW and is a controversial Muslim cleric in San Diego, CA. Look at all the Illegal’s that are in our country and I often wonder are these the sleepers? They have no respect what so ever and they take what they can get. Look at the Tyranny that is and has been going on in Mexico for years. Why should they get by with coming to our country and get Welfare, Food Stamps, Medical, Section 8 for housing and they steal our jobs. Use to be that they would work at farms mostly but in the last ten years they are taking over a lot of jobs. Gardeners, Construction work, Truck Driving, and the list go on. In CA. they are taking over the construction so badly that Licensed Contractors can’t get work because people are being cheap and don’t realize how they don’t know what they are doing. You should see the way homes are built here it is unreal and yet they get signed off from the Inspectors. So now, our Military is half way over in the Middle East and Ships as well so they cannot be here on our Borders. We need the Military here on our Borders and we need to start making a stand and start protecting our country. So I wonder why he hasn’t let our Soldiers come home is what makes me wonder. Look at the riots in Egypt, and the Government takeover in Tunisia. People are getting mad and we the American People are mad.
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