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Exxon Makes $30.5 Billion, So GOP Votes Unanimously To Give Them Tax Breaks

posted May 06, 2011 23:57:15 by DesrtBratt
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sheebe said May 07, 2011 01:19:36
Now this makes me furious! I know that some companies should get Tax Breaks but not a company like this. The GOP has made me very angry as well the last few months but that is ok because the elections are around the corner and not a minute to soon.
Dilligaff said May 07, 2011 03:36:55
Well now, I see we have some new blood on the site, cool!

Before you young ladies get all ruffled up about EXXON, or any other oil company or for that matter any business that gets a tax break, stop and think about how much in taxes were paid on that sum. Next think about how much it cost them to get that oil and how much their overhead is. Next, think about all the leases they have purchased and now we won't let them drill on them, and the restrictions placed on them when they do drill.

If they didn't make money, why would they bother to be in business, then see how well your vehicle runs, we would be going back to glass or paper cartons, there is more to this than just gasoline. Break out the ax and stock up on fire wood for this winter. If you think electric cars will put them out of business, thats a misconception, look at how much plastic is in your vehicle. On the subject of electric vehicles, oil is still used to produce electricity, and those batteries have to be charged one way or another. Oh, and the batteries in those cars, I have only seen two fleeting statements by the manufactures, that the average cost of replacing and disposing of your electric car batteries will be in the average of $5,000.00.

So, give them a break on taxes, let them Drill Baby Drill, and keep the price of gas and other consumer products derived from petroleum down. Besides, they are corporations, the taxes they pay come from "us", the consumer, they are just a collection agency for the IRS. Now I'm not certain about this, but do all of these profits come from oil? These are big companies, and I would suspect they have other investments in other business ventures that may add or detract from their profit picture.

Stop and cool down a bit, they want us to be ticked off at this. It is just a distraction from the bigger picture that is dragging this Nations economy into the dumps.
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sheebe said May 08, 2011 06:17:14
HA! My blood is old blood but I did some research on corporations how they run and I didn't realize a lot that you had said is correct. Plus I did work for the Senior Vice Pres. of Warner Brothers Records and I did get to know and understand a lot in the payroll part and it was mind blowing. They got a tax break but it didn't make much difference and I was surprised at the amount of the payroll was. They do pay a lot to get their product as did WB the shipping room was huge there so even though a Oil company is different than WB it is basically the same. I was stunned when my ex boss would get his taxes done and the amounts he had to pay the IRS and it was a lot of money and I asked him and you get a tax break? He hated the IRS but he didn't mess around on that he always took care of that as quick as he could. This is why our country is being screwed from the EPA it doesn't make sense to not drill here in our country we have more oil in our country than the countries that we get it from and this is asinine. The EPA is the most dangerous part in a lot of jobs and we need to eliminate them but how do we go about that? Not sure if this relates but what about those dangerous bulbs that we will have to use soon and not get a hold of a safer and nicer bulb? They break it is dangerous and if I am not mistaken you have to call a hazard co.? My ex boss made Millions and you would never know that because of taxes, payroll and living he gave his kids the best but they were normal unspoiled kids believe it or not and guess I forgot that part and how more careful they were about spending money to loosely. Then the land part is true it is not cheap leasing I checked that out the ones that lease are making the bucks as well. Look at all of our businesses have bailed out of this country because of our taxes which that just popped in my brain we have to suffer buying crap products from Third World countries and then our Gov. lets illegal's come in and now they are taking more jobs than just farming jobs. Still so many american's don't get that fact. Why can't we make business incentives for companies to come back here so we can start being productive again. But if Obungo pushes the Global Warming and new energy we might as well count on more jobs gone because he is that stupid. Well talk to you soon
Dilligaff said May 08, 2011 07:44:32
Ok, so now we get to the "Nasty Evil Profit". Say this is the profit after taxes. Ok, now the company wants to buy a widget to help their business make more money or for what ever reason. Once you buy that widget, you pay taxes on it. Maybe you get a tax break, humm, well then you might get it in your head that this will allow you to buy two widgets. Your still paying tax, but at a lesser rate, but your buying two, so the government gets a greater amount of tax than if you just could afford one. One way or another that profit will eventually provide taxes to the government.
sheebe said May 08, 2011 07:57:53
I got to thinking and I forgot to add that when they spend that money they pay taxes and you are right after the refresher course you gave me.
sheebe said May 12, 2011 18:48:33
Found this link today and explains even though Exxon makes a huge profit they also pay a huge tax bill
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