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Time to run for the Roses

posted May 06, 2011 23:58:32 by DesrtBratt
Homeland security meets the Kentucky Derby
Always True to the Red, White and Blue!!
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sheebe said May 07, 2011 01:18:20
I sure hope nothing happens at the Kentucky Derby. Just because Bin Laden is dead which I am skeptical this is not over regardless if he is dead. Just that so much stinks and I need to see solid proof. I love our Military and I doubt the Seal's that were in this could say anything to the Public. I feel it is a scare tactic but then again I am not surprised we haven't had another incident since 9/11 and I pray we don't. We have to many radical Muslim's here in our country as it is and we need to get them out and get our Border's secure as well. Great Post and I love Always True to the Red, White and Blue! Excellent!
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