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Too many questions, not enough answers

posted May 07, 2011 00:03:46 by DesrtBratt
Call me a skeptic, call me pragmatic, call me a butthead, or anything else that suits you; I was in my car just about all day today, with the radio on and hearing all the different accounts of today’s top story. Before long, I’d heard them all several times and can probably recite the president’s speech.

I will state that I really want to believe that all of this is true, and that our brave military had a good day and got a real bad ‘bogie.’ I really hope that one way or another, OBL is indeed dead, and suffering the most torturous of pork BBQ pit induced flames of eternal damnation.

However, I’ve been pondering the whole thing, and it smells as fishy as BHO’s very phony CLB that was posted last week, and how convenient that OBL gets to meet his "Virginians," (please refer to my explanation of ‘Virginians’ at the very end) while the flames of the CLB issue have been fanned to new highs and temperatures, with court dates lined up. What?! All of a sudden, this president is telling the truth about something and becomes a hero?! Come on, I wouldn’t believe him about anything if he told us on camera that he was lying!

Here's what I've heard, which I believe is a good brief scope of things:

They ‘found’ OBL last August and had been planning the assault, (planning the assault is the only thing that makes sense, if it’s true). He was living large on the outskirts of the Capital of Pakistan (that’s possible), and we're not bringing them to task for harboring him?! If we do bring any pressure to bear at all, it will be some sort of minor sanction, very short lived, and merely part of the dog and pony show.

Anyway, we’re supposed to believe that we go in and feed him a "lead sandwich," confiscate the body, and then conveniently bury him at sea (where the heck is the EPA when you need them?) so as not to desecrate the carcass of this animal, because it might offend his brethren, who have declared war on us?! Hmm, I smell pig stuff.

How do we now prove it was him, and that he is indeed dead? Please don’t answer that by saying we can trust the government. They can and would doctor any photos taken, and I’m sure this monster had as many doubles as Saddam Hussein. They claim Hitler was killed on the same day in 1945, but conveniently, his body was also not available for viewing, with only questionable, sketchy photos, and there were 'Hitler sightings' for decades after that in So. America. I see history repeating itself here. The way this administration lies about everything, I'm having a hard time swallowing any of it; it just sounds too contrived for my taste.

And, of course, there is also a somewhat more believable story floating around by former Marine Colonel Bob Pappas that OBL was killed on 12/13/2001 at Tora Bora. Again, all this begs more questions than it provides answers. Suffice it to say, we need to question everything coming out of this administration, and I’m not jumping on the ‘party train’ on this. I need substantiation, which I don’t see forthcoming; and the fish are now gagging on a big piece of the potential evidence.

By the way, as far as the ‘Virginians,’ a good friend of mine has shared the following insight, which I’ll re-share with you. The prophet got it all wrong, naturally. The reward for murdering anyone is not 72 virgins; it is 72 Virginians. You know, the toothless smelly, moonshine making kind that liked the ‘love’ scene in “The Deliverance,” and they’ll be waiting on OBL and his cohorts. Good luck with that, boys.
Always True to the Red, White and Blue!!
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sheebe said May 07, 2011 01:23:55
No, you are right! You write remarkable as well. So glad to have you on the Site, You pretty much summed up how I feel too.
Dilligaff said May 07, 2011 04:11:39
There was an article on either Drudge or Mail on Line this morning stating that the CIA had an observation house in the vicinity of OBL's residence for several months. The article stated that it drew interest due to the persons of interest that frequented the residence, but it offered no concrete proof that OBL was in attendance.

I simply cannot understand why you cannot trust the word of our government. After all, they have changed, modified, denied so many different versions of the official story and leaks, that one of them has to fit. Just pick one and run with it and wait till he is sighted with Elvis.

This story should have died on day one, but instead it is going to make a martyr out of OBL and a hero out of the Jerk!
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