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Fannie Mae needs money our tax money!

posted May 08, 2011 06:33:18 by sheebe

This pisses me off to no end. Why the fuck is Fannie Mae still in business and why isn't Bawney rotting in jail along with that black ignorant woman that I can't remember her name? Wasn't Rham Emanuel with them for a while or am is mistaken? We should have never allowed them to stay and should have raised hell about that but no one did and that money could have helped our economy instead of them spending the money themselves. What the hell happened and why do they need that much money? Government Motors that is another sore brick the Gov. had no business giving them a bunch of money and notice that the Gov. didn't think of the American People when they were dishing out Billions to companies, Banks and who the hell knows whom else. Our Reps have been pocketing big time money from their non sense Pet Projects and their pork that they slip in the bills that they do to supposedly help us out then it costs us more in the long run. Barny Franks is a lying ass Sissy Man and I don't care that he is gay but he doesn't have a brain in his Farking head and yet he is still there and the retards in his state keep voting him in like the retards here in CA keep voting in worthless Demonrat's.
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