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Mother throws baby down flight of stairs

posted May 08, 2011 08:06:42 by sheebe
This story made me sick but all stories that involve children being hurt badly or murdered at their own parents hands. How could anyone kill a person I just don't get that although I have a temper at times I have never thought of killing or hurting any human being. She gets in a fight with the baby's daddy then starts beating on this man and throws the baby down the stairs. I feel punishment of the worse kind should happen to any one that does anything to a child the person should get worse. Like here in CA. So many registered sex offenders and around us in my town is uncanny when they should be locked up by themselves on a island with no one else but them. I get fired up on this because a child cannot stand up for themselves and a lot of times they are afraid to speak to a person if they cannot talk to their parents. To many parents are killing or seriously hurting their kids and the Justice system and our Government doesn't care. After all they believe in letting women abort their babies and that is not right to murder a unborn child. I believe a fetus is a life and if something is wrong with the baby, or the mother then abortion is the right thing to do but to abort a baby because you can that is not right and how can one live with themselves after ward?
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